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Milk Business Steeped in Tradition

D. Arch & Son delivers fresh milk, yogurts, butter, cheese and a host of other products directly to homes, schools and businesses in Styvichale, Finham, Coventry, Baginton, Bubbenhall, Cubbington, Ashow, Kenilworth and Stoneleigh in the United Kingdom.

Thomas Arch established D. Arch & Son in 1874 and the business remains family owned. D. Arch & Son is not only the oldest dairy company in England, it continues to deliver fresh products seven days per week. Interested customers should enquire about delivery days, since it can vary depending on location.

Milk, which is supplied in plastic containers or reusable, eco-friendly glass bottles, continues to be delivered in traditional milk floats, a vehicle from the 1950s that travel just 15 mph.

We are doing our bit for the environment and now have 80% of our fleet as electric vehicles. 

Derek Arch, 92 still delivered milk to more than 300 homes until lockdown of 2020 due to COVID. He is the oldest milkman in England and is considered a bit of a local celebrity. The octogenarian, who made his first delivery at age 14 as a favour to his father, has been featured in newspapers and on television. 

Those interested in having the freshest products, delivered right to their doorsteps should contact D. Arch & Son by email at or by phone at 07973 389 957.

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